In order to link all inofrmation about Saarloos Wolfdogs together (dog show results, kennels, pedigree, inbreeding, ...), we have chosen to agregate in a single Database all information we gathered.
It seems essential to thank every person whithout whom this database would not be as complete as it is : 6122 dogs, 219 kennels, 6279 dogshow results today.

  • Virginie W. : Private database. The majotiry of data come from your DB and for our work together. Thank you for your commitment in this project.
  • : Our Kennel Club, to which we subscribe for more than 3 years. Its website was our first source of information about dog shows.
  • Cédia : The public dog show results reference database (All breeds). Our main french source for PetShow section.
  • Bengt : Saarloos Wolfdog public Dutch database. Your database has allowed us to complete few missing information. We would like to thank you.
  • Breeders : kennel Canens Africae , kennel L’Eden des Shokou , ... Thank you for sending us photos and informations.
  • Owners : Thank you for sending us photos. Feel free to send us your photos to improve visual appearance of your dog pedigree and datasheet.

About legal side of things, please visit Legals.

Database searching is gained through the quicksearch field in the header of this website (top-right).

database search
Database search.

You can seach these entities :

  • Saarloos Wolfdog : By name and alias.
  • Kennel : By name.
  • Dog Shows : by City, Country, Date.
  • Judge : By FirstName, Lastname.
  • Organization : By club name, acronym.

You can also access to advanced search screen by clicking on icon near the quicksearch field.

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Advanced Search

You can access to 3 generations pedigree with descendants from Pet "Pedigree" tab.
If you want to consult 5 generations pedigree whith descendants, click on "Show 5 generations pedigree" link.

We tried to make the pedigree as easy to read as possible. Severals sites are presenting pedigree in tabular form. According to us, this kind of presentation become unusable over 3 generations. Moreover, we considered it of major importance to display descendants on this pedigree.
Pedigree reads as follows: ancerstors on top, dog in the middle, descendants under this dog.

database search
Canens Africae Delsie Dryade's Pedigree.

  • By clicking on icon pedigree icon displayed near each dog name, you can directly access to the 5 generation pedigree of this dog.
  • By clicking on Dog name, you can directly access to the datasheet of this dog.
  • Move mouse over color label, to display the meaning.

heredity trait icon
What does "APR orange" mean ?

  • When we do not have available public photo of a dog, "NO IMAGE" is displayed. If you have public photograpy of this dog, feel free to forward these photos to us.

No photo available
No public image available.

  • Finally, 5th generation COI is displayed on each pedigree node. You can click on this COI, to precisly analyze mating inbreeding.

inbreed coefficient
Skog and Diams inbreeding coefficient.

To conclude, feel free to contact us to enrich our database. This database is public and aims to consolidate all information about Saarloos Wolfdog. If there is no record about you dog in database or you wish fix some mistaken information or you would like send us further informations Contact us !