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After several months, we are pleased to introduce the new version of Saarloos.dog. This is the fourth version of this website. It is the outcome of a hard work to collect everything about the Saarloos Wolfdog (Pedigree and Dog Show results). And it is also the result of our collaboration with Virginie W. (particularly for the Database).

I invite new and former visitors of Saarloos.dog to read the page Review & Remarks. After many years working to offer various tools for Saarloos Wolfdogs aficionados, I think is necessary to set the record straight about some things.

Feel free to send us any feedback to help us to improve this website.
You can also let your comments into the Guest Book.

Enjoy this website !

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Is it for you ?

You are discovering this breed and you are looking for information about the Saarloos Wolfdog, his origin, his standard, etc...

Where can I find its Kennel Club ?

What is his temperament ? What does he need ?

What does the law say ?

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Looking for a pet ?

Where are the saarloos wolfdog kennels ?

Is there any puppy or adult to adopt ?

Is there any litter coming next ?


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Look over pedigrees

You are looking for information about your dog pedigree, etc...

How do I use the Database ?

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About Inbreeding

Whether you are a breeder or just a single dog owner, you will find everything about inbreeding and inbreeding coefficient here.